I’m confused where to go in an airport.

A boarding pass is a very important thing to navigate the passengers into their flights. But a lot of boarding passes failed to help the passengers. Rather, they are confusing and give more problems to the passengers. Based on Delta Airlines boarding pass, I tried to redesign the boarding pass that is less confusing. 



How might we design a boarding pass that is helpful for passengers.



For the user research, I did some observation on how usually people hold their boarding pass inside a passport and in-depth interview to some users to collect qualitative data.




It’s interesting to know that people tend to remember what they think is important. Most people, who often travel or not, believe that not all information in the boarding pass is useful for them. Sometimes they just don’t know what it is. Based on the in-depth interview, the important information for them in the boarding pass is: Seat, Gate, Boarding Time, Departure Time, Destination, Flight Number, Date, Class, and the Airline.



Based on the user research, I also noticed that people usually have their boarding pass inside their passport, while holding it vertically. This gave me an idea to design it vertically, rather than the usual horizontal boarding pass.


What did I learn?

This is just a small project which I did for Visual Language class. But from this project, I learned that when we want to design something for people, we have to think in detail how the product is going to be useful for them, not to burden them. Because in the end, we want to help people solving their problem, not to give them more problem. First thing first to know what design is good for them is to validate it by doing user research.


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