Sorry, it’s not that I didn’t do anything. But I signed the employment contract that said not to share the development process and its artifacts. So, I can’t talk much about it. But hey, I can share some final designs (it’s public and I asked for permission!) what I was working on. I was focus on developing the features for sellers to sell their product online. As a UX Researcher, my role was to do user research, define the problems, create architecture information, create the design, make the prototypes, and do usability testing. I worked together with the product owner, UI designers, engineers, quality assurance, and data scientists.





What Did I Learn?

Working in one of the most growing e-commerce companies and ranked 7th the most visited website per 2017 in Indonesia was challenging and exciting. I learned a lot how to understand people needs and how do we solve people’s problems based on what we observed. As a UX Researcher then, I was still learning along with the process, I learned from experiences doing trial and error was the best practice for me. In Bukalapak, I practiced how to shape design thinking in my mind. What I did have to be user-centered, more about defining the problems and try to solve it. But, UX is not always from users’ perspectives. Working is an e-commerce company, I also had to think from the business and technology sides. How do we increase company’s profit with a usable technologies.