The Challenges

Making an e-commerce website is not easy. There are numerous factors to be considered: what are the products we are selling, who are our customers, how do we want the consumers to feel when they are visiting our website, how to drive them to buy our products, etc. Not to mention that we have to consider our competitors. What make us stand out from others. Those are important things to keep in mind when I designed this website.

The most challenging part here is not just to design a good user experience, but how to make good design both in website and mobile app. Meanwhile, designing in different platforms led to do different user researches. Each user research had to cover what user needs on every platform.



How to create good user experience both in website and mobile app.




When doing the user researches, I did not just do qualitative research: interview and observation, but also did some researches about our competitors. The competitive analysis was done to get insights how could we be stand out from others.



To increase the number of users and selling products, the user interface has to be engaging. For an online store visual such as images and videos are important. Also, creating a grid to make the appearance simple but clean is one of the critical feature to be considered. Below, I created the wireframe of the both website and app design.


What did I Learn?

My role here was being a UX Designer. I had responsibility to create good user experience for our users when using our website and mobile app. The challenge I had the most was to make sure our users had good experience in using our products and make them purchase the items, both in website and mobile app. Designing a website and mobile app was totally different. I had to do some researches on making a good design in website separately from mobile app. I realized that designing a mobile app was much more difficult than a website due to limited spaces. And the takeaway from this project is if we want to design both website and mobile app for our product, think about mobile-first.