Traveling in a group is fun. Besides the more people the merrier, we can also share the cost. But sometimes traveling in a group can be an obstacle. Missing someone from the group, having different interest, taking more time to decide itinerary, etc can be a hindrance for the vacation. People who travel in a group nowadays relies on group chat to communicate. It’s true that in a group chat, we can send picture, video, even locations. But it’s not designed specifically for travellers. For travellers, they need some features to make itinerary, features to connect them easily with their friends and know where they are, and features for what-to-bring suggestion.



How might we make traveling in a group more fun.




To validate the problems, I did some user researches mainly focus on qualitative data. The user research includes in-depth interview and observation. The samples were young adults who like to travel and seek for low-cost budget traveling.



The implemented features are based on the insights from user research. From the qualitative research, users need to have specific app when they are traveling. The app has to accommodate them to know where are their friends, including live location and chat features. Also, the feature to make itinerary together easily. Every member can view and edit it directly. All of the features connect directly to the group chat.


The Takeaways 

What I learned the most by making this project was in order to make something, especially a mobile app, it’s not just about design. But the most important thing is: is it really solve the problem? Designing something is easy, but designing something for people that is really useful is hard. I did take more time to define the problems rather than to design it.