Is it possible to make our own Instagram face filters?



How might we make our own Instagram face filters.



Inspired by Snapchat at Instagram face filters, I wanted to make a similar thing just for fun. What came up in my mind was to use a tool for face recognition. In this project, I used clmtrackr.js, a javascript library to track precise positions of face in images and videos developed under MIT license.

For coding, I used p5.js, developed under Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) NYU. The usage of p5.js includes embedding web camera, drawing shapes, and manipulating the pixels in a video.


The Filters


What did I learn?

I realized that there are a lot of code libraries out there and it’s not impossible to make anything we want. I just needed to learn about it. Also, JavaScript is a very powerful language for web development. Using JavaScript, we can manipulate images and videos, even using web camera.


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Read the documentation on: Vidia’s Blog.