Many people think that they have to be rich to give charity. They believe that they have to give big amount of money to help the community. Meanwhile, back in 2014, there were not many charity organization that let the giver to donate very little amount of money. People who didn’t have that much money but still willing to donate were unsure where and how could they do it.

I only have $1 in my pocket but I want to help someone, how do I do it? Is it possible to donate less than $1? Do I have to go directly to the charity organization just to donate $1? These questions perhaps prevent many people to give charity. And the more they wait, the more people out there need our help.



How might we help people who wants to give a very little amount of donation in the most convenient way.



Who wants to give their money using complicated medium? With Sharity, all you need to do is just look who or what organization you want to give, and input the amount of money. No minimum amount. You can even donate Rp500 (equal to $ 0.04). And that’s it, you’ve helped someone from around the world.


The Takeaways

This project was developed in 24-hour Telkomsel BestApp.ID Hackathon. Me and my team did the idea brainstorming, design, and development in only 24 hours. Teamwork was really matter. Even though we were from different backgrounds: design, business, and software engineer, but as long as we have the same vision, we can collaborate well. Since it was only 24 hours, we needed to make quick decision, from the idea, design, and the development. And each of us had to be very responsible of our duties.